Smokin Brothers Overview

Smokin Brothers Wood Pellet Grills - (812) 867-6978

Scotty's is proud to carry a full line of Smokin Brothers Wood Pellet Grills, pellets, sauces, and seasonings. The Wood Pellet Grills are assembled and manufactured close to home in Southeast Missouri, as are the sauces, seasonings, and pellets.



  • Grill, Smoke, BBQ, Bake and Braise
  • Cooks using indirect/convection heat which eliminates the need for a rotisserie or to flip food
  • Drip pan collects grease and prevents flare ups
  • Digitally controlled thermostat for consistent cooking temps - no need to monitor or continually add fuel. Set it up and forget it.
  • Grill is ready within 10-15 minutes from startup
  • Top Shelves included on all models
  • Standard and Insulated versions available
  • Grills feature 33% thicker steel than competitive brands: 12 gauge lids and 16 gauge bodies for better heat retention (uses less pellets) and increased durability
  • Heavy-Duty Lids feature rolled edges for better heat retention and an internal lip to keep grease off the front of the smoker and to better circulate heat
  • Stainless Steel firepots on all models
  • Center mounted chimneys for more consistent cooking temps across the entire grill surface