Scotty's Layaway Program

Scotty's Layaway Program

This program was designed so that you, the consumer, can take full advantage of special fall pricing on demonstrator equipment, used equipment, all remaining previous year equipment, and pre-season specials on new models. This way you are getting the best possible pricing before any price increases, even though you won't need it until the next mowing season.

We do not start your warranty until you pick up or take delivery of your new equipment in the spring. We also wait until spring to service and set up your equipment. We encourage anyone thinking of purchasing a new mower in the spring to take advantage of this program, to discover and understand its many benefits, and to get the best value possible. This is also a great opportunity for any business looking for a tax credit before the end of the season.

How it works:

  1. Stop in and pick out the piece of equipment you want. 
  2. Finance or make a down payment (20%) to secure as yours. 
  3. We place the equipment in our warehouse until spring. 
  4. When spring arrives and you are ready for your equipment, you pay off or finance the remaining balance. (Some people prefer to make payments through the winter.) 
  5. Finally, we will set-up and service your equipment for pick-up or delivery. 

It's no surprise that more and more people are choosing to use this program every winter. If you have any interest or questions in utilizing this program, please contact Drew 812-867-6978 or